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At Amore Beauty Salon, we are passionate about creating beautiful nails. Our manicures and pedicures use only the highest quality products to ensure a flawless result. The salon is kept meticulously clean and we pride ourselves on maintaining our equipment to the highest possible standards.

A good manicure is not just about finding the right colour. Our manicures take your nails to the next level, incorporating nail care and maintenance in addition to a degree of creativity that you will not see in other salons. Our nail artists are ahead of the curve, adopting on-trend nail art techniques like chrome, cat’s eye, and ombre to create individual looks that celebrate your unique personality.

If you are looking for a high-quality manicure that prioritises both your nail’s health and the latest trends, look no further than our salon. Let us take care of you and give you an amazing nail experience.


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SNS Nails

Shellac Pedicure

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We have experienced technicians with many years experience, so we hope we don’t disappoint you!




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